Welcome to the home of Apebaby.1000 Colorful Apebaby straight out of the jungle.The platform will use Apebaby NFT to build a new generation of automatic DeFi yield aggregator. Users can not only obtain Apebaby NFT, but also obtain mortgage interest through mortgage MATIC,Own more than 10 Apebaby NFT, you can receive 0.1~50 MATIC bonus at least every day.

All pledged MATIC will be locked by contract and automatically returned to your wallet account on January 1, 2023

Mint Price 1 MATIC = 1 Apebaby NFT

From November 19 to November 22, pledge 1MATIC, you will receive 1Apeby NFT free of charge;
pledge 10MATIC, you will receive 12 Apebaby NFT free of charge;
pledge 100MATIC, you will receive 150 Apebaby NFT free of charge

Special note: Due to the large number of people and network congestion, the gas value must be adjusted to the maximum value before payment can be made and the pledge can be completed.

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Apebaby NFT

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